Stuck in Honey – The Cure live streamed from the Sydney Opera House

Here’s my ‘live’ review of The Cure as they were being live streamed online playing ‘Disintegration’ at the Sydney Opera House.

I started taking photos of my TV screen and found myself drawn inside the performance – and the strange experience of loving this band and taking part in something great from afar.

I’d yearned to go see them and been unable to get a ticket. Perhaps the yearning was what that drove this story into life.

As I sat watching my TV and clicking in and out of Facebook, I noticed other people were uploading images of the show online, photographed from off their screens and posted to Facebook.

There was this odd feeling of shared involvement, a kind of digital firelight, if you like, that warmed people at home and allowed them to dream a little as the performance flickered away.

I’m grateful to the leading Australian literary journal Southerly for publishing what I wrote under the title ‘Stuck in Honey’.

The Cure, Disintegration Livestream, Sydney Opera House. 2019. Photo by Mark Mordue.