I believe in the beauty of boys,

their grace, their poetry,

their bicycles, their secret worlds

in lanes and back streets,

the rush of their lives

beneath trees and on concrete,

their scraped knees,

their chipped skateboards,

their prayers and their lies,

I believe in their shouts

c’mon to one another,

cursed graffiti in the air,

I believe in their daily heroism,

I believe in their string, the stones

and chocolate wrappers

left in their pockets

caught up in the washing,

I believe in their Thrasher mags,

I believe in their recipes

picked up off the internet 

and the songs they write

that do not have a real-life melody,

I believe in the heart inside them,

I believe in the way they kick a ball,

I believe in them hugging 

a dog’s neck with tenderness and love,

I believe in all their good intentions,

their dreams radiating from YouTube,

their eye for facts and details,

their head in the clouds,

I believe in them laughing,

I believe in them walking streets

and not wanting you to know 

anything about them, nothing at all,

I believe in the chains they like to wear,

I believe in their running shoes,

I believe in their ways of seeing,

I believe boys are poetic beings.

– Mark Mordue ©

PHOTO by Johnny Barker